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We are a family run tea room on the outskirts of Dortmund, in the lovely village Kurl.

We brought the great tradition of the English Tea Time to Dortmund and we´ ll give our best to keep it here. 


It all began in 2008, when we bought this little gem and word spread quickly about us. 

Being located in the countryside, it´s mandatory to go for a walk through the woods and over the fields.


We are open saturdays and sundays from 11 am to 6 pm.

However, we open our doors during the week for groups of 10 upwards.

Afternoon Tea is available from 2.00pm - 5.30pm and to make this a special occasion bookings are required.

We like to keep with tradition, so our tables are laid out with our best china tea sets and the food is served on pretty cake stands and vintage platters to create that sense of occasion.



Phone 0231 217 99 31







We are:


John W. Read

Owner of "Art for Life" Tattoo- & Artstudio and Victoria´s Cottage Café.

Indispensable as a Dad, husband, friend, hero, adviser, love of my life & a bastion of calm and my ally in hard times.

As a painting, tattooing and creative artist, he keeps things running.


Catherina Read

Girl from Dortmund with an english heart...mother, wife, friend, cleaner, housekeeper, children´s doctor, psychologist, teacher, cook, secretary, tailor, cabby ...and passionate baker.


Our three wonderful children Sophie Victoria, John William and James Jonathan...lovely and challenging. Clearly the sunshine on a rainy day and the motivation, that carries us through our daily life.

A constant reminder that love is our path. 



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